Current Job Openings

Certified Jobs:

(3) Certified Social Workers- If you are interested in one of these positions, please contact Superintendent Mike Gauch @ mgauch@harrisburg3.org

High School Foreign Language- Must have appropriate certification for the position. If you are interested in this position please contact Superintendent Mike Gauch @  mgauch@harrisburg3.org.

High School Math- Must have appropriate certification for this position. Please send a letter of interest to Superintendent Mike Gauch @ mgauch@harrisburg3.org

Non-Cert Jobs:

Extraordinary Care Aides needed- We are looking for those who are interested in working with students one on one in a classroom situation. If you are reliable, energetic, love working with students with special needs, and are interested, please apply.   Please contact Kim Williams email at kiwillia@harrisburg3.org for more information or to apply visit 411 W Poplar to pick up and application and the appropriate paperwork.

Employment Applications

Certified Application

Classroom Aide Application

Secretary Application

Cook Application

E.O.C. Aide Application

Custodial Application

Nurse Application